Hinged Wardrobe Doors – Perfect for Small Spaces


Hinged wardrobe doors have become increasingly popular in both domestic and commercial applications. For homes, they provide a flexible way to store clothes whilst also giving the option of having a more open-plan bedroom or lounge area. For businesses, hinged doors give a professional look whilst providing a secure storage facility for any equipment. Both of these doors can be made from various materials, including wood, metal, and even fibreglass. If you’re looking to buy hinged doors for your home or business, it’s important to find a supplier who can provide a wide range of options.

A hinged wardrobe door in hillsrobesandkitchens.com.au is attached to the wardrobe with simple plastic hinges whilst sliding shutters are solid panels that slide onto tracks on either side of the doorway. This type of door, often called a gliding door, is most commonly used in bathrooms to prevent the floor from getting too wet during the shower or bath. While most hinged doors can have a maximum width of around 32 inches, depending on the height of the doorway, they can be manufactured in a wide range of different widths to fit any room. Before you decide on the type of gliding door you need, it’s important to check how much maintenance is needed, how easy it is to clean and what colour will best suit the type of room demarcated for your hinged wardrobe doors.

Because hinged wardrobe doors tend to be relatively cheap compared to sliding units, buying the right ones is crucial to ensuring your new door opens with minimal effort. When choosing hinges for your new door, it’s important to ensure they are designed to operate with ease and minimal strain. A quality set of hinges should include safety stops to prevent the door from accidentally closing as it moves. It’s also important to ensure that you choose hinges with smooth slides and that they are designed to avoid the door from shifting unexpectedly. With these factors in mind, you can be confident that your hinged doors tend to operate smoothly.

As mentioned earlier, hinged doors require little to no maintenance. The best care they require is to be wiped with a damp cloth regularly to prevent dirt and dust from finding their way into the gaps between panels. To clean the hinges, use a wet cloth and a few drops of gentle dishwashing liquid. If it’s possible, try to wipe the hinges with the aid of a hair dryer. You can also use a wire brush to clean the dust. Finally, once a year, make sure you have your hinged wardrobe doors cleaned using a mild detergent and a soft brush to remove dirt and grime.

The cost of hinged wardrobe doors can be very low, but it’s important to remember that they will become damaged faster if not appropriately maintained. If you’re planning to buy new wardrobes for your home or office, you may consider purchasing sliding doors. Sliding doors are often cheaper than their hinged counterparts, but they do require regular care. For example, when you install sliding door wardrobes, you can expect to purchase new hinges, rails and other hardware to keep your new wardrobe door functioning correctly. It is also wise to ensure that your new wardrobe will slide properly as hinged wardrobe doors are not as flexible as sliding doors.

So are hinged wardrobe doors at hillsrobesandkitchens.com.au  is right for your home or business? Well, this all depends on your requirements and budget. If you have a small room or workspace and wish to create an illusion of extra space, hinged wardrobe doors will certainly help you achieve your goal. However, if you have a larger space and you’re looking for a more modern door that allows you to maximise your natural light and add to the appeal of your home or office, sliding door wardrobes will be the best option for you. Whichever type of hinged wardrobe doors you choose, make sure you set aside enough time to clean and maintain it well because your wardrobe door will be one of the first things people see once you arrive at your house.