What LinkedIn Marketing Can Do for Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

When we talk about social media marketing, many people are focusing solely on Facebook right now; with Twitter and Instagram both coming in at second place. While there’s nothing wrong with that, you also need to keep in mind that there are other social media avenues out there that can help skyrocket your social media campaign and boost your brand’s overall online presence. LinkedIn is an excellent example of that. Sure – it’s not as popular as the top three social media platforms we just mentioned. However, it’s still a pretty influential network that will help jumpstart your social media campaign and grow your business online. If you’re sceptical about it, here are some of the benefits that you will get when you start LinkedIn marketing:

Generate Leads Fast

LinkedIn MarketingOnce your business has created a LinkedIn Company Page, you can now pave the way for marketing and landing potential clients. Make sure you update your company page regularly with all the relevant information about your brand. Also, make sure your company page becomes a beacon of information and other relevant resources for your connections and followers. By establishing your brand as the expert on your services, you can start generating leads fast. As a result, your target audience will immediately resort to your business whenever they need your particular product or service.

Increase Exposure to the Right Audience

LinkedIn marketing is an excellent way to gain a lot of attention for your business. Your company page will increase your overall exposure and searchability. As a result, your brand’s profile will start appearing on search engine results pages which can also propel your brand’s overall online exposure and skyrocket it to new heights. People will also get to see your brand’s profile whenever they search for you on LinkedIn. With you hitting two significant online avenues, you’re going to get more exposure from the right people who will give value to your business.

Higher Credibility Score

LinkedIn is the best place to showcase your products and services, as well as increase your brand’s trust factor among your customers and business partners. LinkedIn’s “Recommendations” is a significant feature that will help increase your brand’s credibility score. The more recommendations your brand profile from past and present clients and customers, the more opportunities you will get to generate more leads and sales.

Learn more about the potential of LinkedIn marketing. Click here to watch a video talking about introducing newcomers to LinkedIn and how they can take advantage of this powerful network.