What Should You Avoid When Hiring a Roofer

Any roofing job requires spending your hard-earned money. In other words, whenever you experience the need for a repair on your roof, the first thing you must accept is the fact that it could cost you a lot. For some homeowners, it means finding ways to save money, and in so doing, they choose not to hire a roofer. They believe that by doing the roof repair on their own, they get to save money since they no longer have to pay for the services of a roofing contractor Adelaide. But the truth is the decision could quickly backfire.

In other words, hiring a roofer makes more sense, provided you end up with the right contractor. The thing is just like hiring any other home improvement contractor; there are risks involved since you might stumble upon scams and fly-by-night roofers. If you know what to avoid though, you ensure you are getting your money’s worth.

So what are those things you must avoid when you are about to hire a roofer? Well, the industry calls them roofing scams, and yes, they are very common and some contractors are not even ashamed of doing them in broad daylight. As a responsible homeowner, it is your job to learn the red flags with the purpose of successfully avoiding them.

1 – Asking For an Upfront Payment

Do not hire a roofing contractor who asks for upfront payment. It is the perfect recipe and clearest sign of a fly-by-night operator. In fact, you should not even agree with a roofer who demands for a down payment upfront before starting the project. For the most part, the contractor justifies it by saying that they need the money for purchasing materials. You even might get convinced to sign an insurance check, only to realise that the contractor never had the intention of coming back. Therefore, avoid having to pay for a down payment upfront at all costs.

2 – Door-to-Door Salespeople

If someone happens to knock on your door and tells you that you are in need of a roofing repair, do not trust them. In fact, you should not even consider hiring them in the first place. The only reason why they are knocking on one door after another is that they do not have enough clients or customers and the move is a desperate act of keeping their company afloat. Well, if you dig in deeper, the reason why they are not getting customers is that contractor does not have a great track record.

3 – Storm Chasers

A reliable roofing contractor Adelaide has a physical address and working office. A storm chaser on the other hand uses a van or pickup truck as their office. As the name suggests, these are the roofers you must avoid working with since they suddenly show up right after a neighbourhood endures a storm. Obviously, they put in a lot of pressure to the homeowners, convincing them that they need to immediately sign a contract to have their roofs fixed after getting badly damaged by the storm.