What Makes a Reliable Digital Thermometer?

Health is wealth, indeed, but there are instances wherein we can’t always avoid getting sick. One of the first things people look for when they feel sick is a thermometer. Some decades back, hospitals and health care specialists used liquid-in-glass thermometers to check one’s temperature. Over the years, scientific studies proved that mercury inside these types of thermometers is dangerous if skin contact occurs.


These days, people use digital thermometers. They are designed for convenience and highly accurate readings. They are also highly recommended for children who are more susceptible to chemical reactions.


What qualities should you look for if you’re planning to buy a digital thermometer for home use?


Easy Operation


It’s crucial to opt for a digital thermometer that ensures ease of operation. Hanna Instruments offers thermostats with two-button systems that provide accurate readings within a few seconds, so you will know if it’s time to drop by your doctor’s clinic or if your fever is still manageable at home.



You should also make sure that the thermometer you buy offers readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius in case you have a family member who prefers one of the two.




Some digital thermometers have display features that can be confusing or blurry. With digital thermometers from Hanna Instruments, you can rest assured that you will quickly discover if your temperature is still at the “reasonable” level. You can call the provider to inquire about thermometers that feature colour display wherein you will know if your fever is moderate or high by interpreting the colour scheme shown on the display screen.


Back-Light Feature


You can trust a digital thermometer that features back-lighting, especially when the lights are out or there’s a thunderstorm in the area, and you are forced to turn off your home’s power system. Since the display is back-lit, you can still see through the readings, providing you with better insight on how to manage the fever.





Kids play with a lot of things and sometimes, they may come in contact with the first aid kit. This is why it’s crucial to purchase a digital thermometer that has a waterproof seal to ensure that it will work fine even after your kids throw it in the pool.




Finally, digital thermometers that provide the best service are those that can shut down automatically if unused for more than a minute. This feature will help protect your device from battery draining and will also lengthen the lifespan of your equipment.


Digital thermometers should be a staple member of your first aid kit family, especially when there’s a viral outbreak in your child’s school or the neighbourhood. Preparation is the kindred soul of prevention, so always be ready to manage fevers that could be a symptom of an underlying condition.