Architectural Hardware – What Materials Are Available?

Architectural hardware is a final finishing touch but a vital one. Quality, stylish knobs, handles and latches all put your house in a good light, give an instant first impression, and offer needed protection against home intruders and loss. In addition, architectural hardware, when done well, can add aesthetic appeal and functionality. Here are some tips in choosing architectural hardware that will bring a lot of class and style to your house:

Architectural HardwareChoose Architectural Hardware with a high-quality finish. Good finishes, like gun varnish or paint, make the hardware glow and shine. A flat top surface for hinges and knobs and a textured surface on handles can also add to its appeal. The more you like the handles or knobs on a hardware item, the more likely you will buy it.

In architectural hardware, finishes are essential not only for the look but also for longevity. Low-end finishes, like painted or spray-painted surfaces, can wear out quickly, making the hardware look cheap. Better quality finishes, like oil, rubbed bronze or brass, last longer and retained their beauty better than low-cost coatings. Metal designs with a steel finish are exceptionally durable, although cheaper metal designs may be just as attractive. You can have metal architectural hardware with any colour or pattern. For minimal maintenance, go with hardware that has simple, clean lines and flat tops.

Choose hinges and knobs that compliment your entry door and other significant rooms in the house. For example, if your entry door and windows are glass-paned, you’ll want decorative hardware that matches the glass panes. For a traditional look, go with knobs and handles that match antique or period pieces. Modern architectural hardware comes in colours and patterns that blend well with contemporary or modern decor. Some popular patterns include blocks, circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and ovals.

Door Hinges and Fittings One of the most important things to choose for your house is your door handles and hinges. The style of your house will also depend on which type of hinges and fittings will work best. If you’re planning to install exterior doors, you have the advantage of choosing exotic materials like stainless steel. However, you should still consider antique door handles and fittings if you want to preserve the historical authenticity of your house. There are also inexpensive models of modern hinges that you can choose from in the hardware industry.

Windows and Doors are not the only places where architectural hardware can be installed. For example, adding beautiful finials to your entry doors or installing decorative finials to your shutters can add a great deal of curb appeal. You can get finials made of stained glass, acrylic, or pewter, and you can even get finials that are painted with a vintage design. The only limitation to this option is that you can’t use coloured or tinted finials. If you’re serious about adding decorative hardware to your house, however, then it’s worth checking out the antique collection in your local antique store.