How Advantageous is a Split System AC System?

Millions of Australians choose a split system type of air conditioning system because of its collection of advantages and conveniences. The equipment comes with an outdoor unit with a compressor and condenser, while the indoor unit houses the air handler. There also is a line set in most installations that contain the power cable, refrigerant tubing, and the drain intended for condensation.

LG Split System air conditioningIf you plan to replace your broken, old, or damaged AC or maybe you need to install a system for your newly-built house, then you should consider an LG split system air conditioning system, and below are the advantages you expect to get from it:

1 – It offers an easy and quick installation process.

Don’t get us wrong – when it comes to the installation of any air conditioning system, you need to work with a professional, and the same thing holds with regards to split systems. The difference though is that it won’t take more than a day for a technician to finish the job since there is no ductwork involved. In other words, the quick installation of the split type of AC is something you should consider as a considerable advantage over a ducted heating and cooling unit.

2 – Split systems are energy efficient.

Although there is a reasonable argument favouring the cooling capacity of central systems, especially in homes with multiple rooms, the thing is they lose a considerable amount of energy because of the prospect of having leaky ducts. Most central AC systems will lose about 30% in cooling energy in typical use. On the other hand, the lack of ductwork in an LG split system air conditioning unit means that you minimise the loss of energy, thereby helping you save on your utility bills.

3 – A split system conveniently blends with your interior design or décor.

The indoor installation of a split system AC unit is versatile enough to adapt to any interior space. It means that you can suspend them from the ceiling or hang on the wall. You also can go for fancy and modern jackets manufactured to blend with the design of your interior conveniently. Best of all, the split system AC does not interfere with or obscure any element of your home since you only will need to bore a small hole to connect the outdoor and indoor components.

4 – A split system AC features quiet operation.

Lastly, the lack of ductwork means there also is lesser noise produced by the split system air conditioner. It can operate as low as 19 decibels, which makes it considerably quieter than the window type of AC. Likewise, the ductless condenser comes with a design that makes it minimalist and quiet at the same time.