Switch to Clean and Green Silage Wrapping – Three Reasons Why You Should Start Using a Biodegradable Silage Wrap

While the agricultural industry has been blessed with a plethora of innovative products for easier and more productive farming, it also needs to be addressed that some of these products tend to harm the environment than good. Take modern silage wraps, for instance. Most of them are made of plastic. Rubber and plastics have been gaining controversies over the years due to the adverse effects that they’ve done to our environment. If you genuinely value your work, as well as the preservation of the environment, then you should make the switch to a biodegradable silage wrap.


Here are three good reasons why you should switch to the clean and green silage wrap:


It’s Safe for the Environment


Made of biodegradable materials, this type of silage wrap is a hundred percent safe for the environment. It doesn’t contain compounds or chemicals that can harm or hinder your silages, which is why it’s completely safe. It’s like wrapping your fibrous silages with organic material. That means it doesn’t create any side effects that may ruin the quality of your silage bales. There are even researches that have discovered biodegradable plastics, which is being incorporated into silage wraps.


It Works the Same as Regular Silage Wraps


A biodegradable silage wrap works similarly to a standard silage wrap that’s made of plastic film. The only difference is the material and composition being used to create the product. While traditional wraps are made with plastic, the other is made of 100% organic compounds. Not only does the latter support the preservation and restoration of the environment, but it also complements your silages in a lot of ways.



It’s Cheaper Compared to Plastic Silage Wraps


Finally, biodegradable wraps are also cheaper than plastic covers. According to the latest price survey, it’s about $1.30 cheaper. While that doesn’t sound like much, the thought is that silage wraps are already affordable. So, getting one that’s cheaper and is also biodegradable is a fantastic value for your money. Not only are you getting this excellent silage wrapping material, but you can guarantee that you’re helping the environment as well. Now that’s something worth investing in.


The biodegradable silage wrap is relatively new and has just been introduced to the agricultural market. However, it has been accepted with open arms and is now one of the best-selling silage wraps since its official release. Get yourself one and experience the incredible difference that it offers.