Baling Twines Benefit In Many Ways

Why would anyone use baling twines as a decorating feature in their home? The obvious answer is that baling twines are beautiful, colourful and very decorative, but they also serve an economic purpose as well. Many people will buy a set when they plan to plant roses or other flowers in their home and then reuse the baling twine(s) for other purposes in the future. That’s why this type of ornamentation is perfect for the do-it-yourself hobbyist, who can save money on buying ready-made bouquets and arrangements by using his creativity to make them look better, last longer, and be more beautiful than many ready-made products.


There are actually two types of baling twines. One type is a thin string of stiff fabric similar to corduroy, which is tied around the stems of many flowers. Those that are handmade are often much heavier and come in single colours of every type.


Some use only the main colour; others may be more creative and give the user the ability to combine a bunch of different, contrasting colours. Baling twines are very versatile, and there are many ways to use them. Here are just some examples:


– Ornamental for tables and fireplace mantels. Very pretty against a white background. Ideal for floral centrepieces that tie in with the overall design of the room.


– Decorate gift baskets for mom. Beautiful and whimsical in every way, baling twines can be used to tie in any theme you might like. A bouquet of wildflowers would look lovely with an angel theme, or for baby girl motifs, look for pink and white ones. They also make great gifts for grandma and grandpa.


– Tie bouquets to birthday cakes for an extra special touch. Using your own bouquet of flowers shows that you put a lot of thought into the event, while fresh flowers sometimes aren’t enough. Also, since they’re handmade, your baker can add anything he wants to enhance the finished product – from decorative paper to ribbon. It’s a surefire way to make an extra special birthday cake.


These aren’t the only ways to use baling twines, however. The versatility alone is worth it for many uses. From weddings to baby showers to graduations – baling twines can be used in more situations than you could imagine. Just be sure not to overdo it. They’re meant to add to the ambience, not take away from it.