Sclerotherapy – Everything You Need to Know About the #1 Varicose Vein Treatment Adelaide

Sclerotherapy is a popular medical procedure for treating varicose veins, spider veins, reticular, and other related conditions. It’s been in use since the 1930s and continues to see the relevance in today’s day and age. Highly regarded as the #1 varicose vein treatment Adelaide, Sclerotherapy has seen a lot of improvements over the years. So, if you’re someone who’s suffering from varicose veins, it’s time you have it treated with sclerotherapy. Learn more about it in this article.


Understanding Sclerotherapy


If you haven’t heard about sclerotherapy before, it’s basically a procedure wherein a solution is injected directly into the affected area. This solution is formulated to not only manage your varicose veins but also to remove it altogether. The procedure is commonly performed in-office, and the solution is either a form or liquid that’s injected into the affected area. It will cause the veins to swell even more and stick together. Blood is forced to reroute through healthier veins, while the affected varicose veins are reabsorbed into local tissue, which will eventually fade.


Am I Qualified for Sclerotherapy?


Keep in mind that you may or may not be qualified for sclerotherapy treatment. Yes; while it may be the #1 varicose vein treatment Adelaide, it’s essential to know that it’s not for everyone. For those who are concerned by their varicose veins, a vascular medicine specialist or dermatologist will assess and decide whether or not sclerotherapy is suitable for you. If you’re pregnant, you’ll automatically be flagged from undergoing the procedure.


However, if you take birth control pills, you’ll become eligible for the treatment. Patients who’ve had a blood clot in the past will have their eligibility determined on a case-by-case basis. It will be determined by the general health of the area to be worked on, as well as the reason for the blood clot. For more information, make sure you book an appointment with a dermatologist today.


Effectiveness of Sclerotherapy


Sclerotherapy was considered as a “hail Mary” type of treatment for varicose veins back in the day- something that will take a miracle to be effective. However, with constant improvements and innovation, medical practitioners have perfected this method and are now considered the #1 varicose vein treatment Adelaide. In fact, recent research shows that up to 85% of injected veins can be treated and eliminated with each treatment session. Over 90% of people who undergo sclerotherapy experienced successful results.


So if you want your varicose veins treated, make sure you consider Sclerotherapy. Get assessed today! Click here to learn more.