Important Tips When Preparing for Asbestos Removal Adelaide

Are you living in an old home? Was it built during the ’70s? If so, then you might not know it, but you’re dealing with something dangerous that every more former home or builder has: asbestos. You’ll have to spend money on asbestos removal once you do discover the presence of asbestos inside your house. If you’re wondering what we’re talking about, asbestos was used in the construction industry as a fire retardant. However, it was later on discovered to contain dangerous chemicals that can cause lung-related diseases and cancer once inhaled. So, if you’re planning to get asbestos removal services in Adelaide, make sure you visit We can help you with your asbestos problems. Also, here are some useful tips to help you prepare for asbestos removal.


Plan with Us

If you do hire our professional services, we will first discuss the matter before the actual operation takes place. Keep in mind that there may be items within the affected area that are valuable to you. That’s why you’ll need to meet with our contractors and describe to them the area. You can even show a picture for more convenience. That way, we can make the necessary adjustments, as well as secure any appliances, furniture, or anything that gets in the way with the entire operation. Rest assured that we will prioritize your precious belongings and make sure they won’t get caught in the thick of things.


Cover Heavy, Immovable Objects with Thick Sheets of Plastic

There are certain situations where we can’t guarantee that we can follow all of your instructions. You can visit. for more information about it. For instance, if there’s an object that’s too heavy to move like a big cabinet or a built-in table, you’ll need to cover that instead with thick sheets of plastic. That way, it won’t be exposed to asbestos once the removal operation takes place. Secure the corners with tape or staple to cover it completely. Once the procedure is done, you can then remove the sheets and dispose of them responsibly. By covering your furniture or appliances with a plastic sheet, it won’t have flecks of asbestos on it. Do two days or the day before the scheduled asbestos removal operation.


For more information on asbestos removal here in Adelaide, visit You can also talk to one of our contractors right now for answers to any of your queries.