The Usual Signs for a Garage Roller Door Repair

Although we tend to use our garage doors every single day, we never give some of our time to check its condition. We only provide time in inspecting and examining its performance once we feel that there is already something going wrong with this huge moving object. What most homeowners must understand is the fact that like other things at home, garage doors also need regular inspection and maintenance. Performing monthly checks can help you to determine whether the door is still functional and safe to use. Aside from that, if you do regular check-up with your garage door, potential problems will be identified quickly preventing it from transforming into a significant problem.


Fortunately, companies specialising in SA roller door repairs will help address the problem immediately so that you don’t have to pay for pricey repair bills in the future. If the reason why you can’t decide to have your garage door repaired or replaced is that you don’t have any idea when it should be done, well, don’t worry! We got your back. We compiled below some of the common signs that will tell that it is time for your garage roller door to be replaced or repaired.


1 – The door fails to open or close.


You will know that your garage doors already need repair once you experience serious trouble when opening and closing it with the use of the control buttons. Bad connection between the door and the control panel or door malfunction are only some of the various reasons why your door refuses to open. To ensure that there is indeed something wrong with your entryway, test your garage door again and make sure that nothing is blocking it from closing. If it still didn’t open or close even with the use of the controllers, it is best to call a professional repairer immediately.


2 – There is a considerably slow or delayed response.


If your garage door takes a lot of time to respond to your command, it only means that it already needs professional attention. Typically, a garage door will begin to open or close within a second or two exactly right after pressing the opener button.  The operation must go smoothly and should not show any delay or hitching. Thus, if you see that your garage roller door delays in opening and closing, undoubtedly there is something wrong in its door or the opener. If this happens, don’t hesitate to hire experts in SA roller door repairs.


3 – The door produces awkward noise and sounds.



It is normal for those old garage doors to produce a lot of noise but, if the creaking or straining sound you heard is already more than usual, the spring, or the opener bracket or even the opener itself might be having issues. Therefore, call a professional repairer immediately to fix the problem.