Review of Santa Claus Pilates DVD

A Pilates exercise regime is a series of exercises designed to help the body improve posture, flexibility and overall strength. A Pilates exercise is an excellent way to manage stress and build a healthy lifestyle. Also, clinical Pilates SA exercise can benefit those who had an injury and those with joint pain.


Pilates is beneficial for pregnant women, those with joint pain, those with chronic pain, those with injury and those who wish to strengthen the muscles and core of their body. There are multiple benefits of Pilates: Strength, Flexibility, and Posture improvement. In addition, Pilates can help in the treatment of various diseases and conditions. It is also a proven method to help you lose weight and improve your skin tone and texture.


In general, clinical Pilates SA exercises are simple and easy to do. The instructor introduces the participants to the exercises and discusses the steps for each move. He also reassures the participants that it will take time to learn the moves. Participants are encouraged to ask questions. Questions are answered by the instructor and by other participants.


In this DVD, Santa Claus demonstrates the moves for the abdominal exercise. Santa is always dressed for the winter season in his trademark red and white outfit, complete with his big white smile. As he walks through the studio, he encourages participants to focus on movement and breathing. He then leads them through a series of exercises, explaining how to use the movements about each move. He emphasises that Pilates is not just about building muscle but rather improving posture, flexibility, alignment and balance.


One of the key elements of clinical Pilates SA is correct alignment. When doing an exercise, you should feel your hips, legs, back, and neck moving together in the same direction. Another important factor is breath control. You should be able to control your breath, which will ensure that you are keeping your heart rate under control. As you gain mastery over these concepts, you will find that you have increased your range of motion, muscle strength, improved your posture, developed a greater awareness of your body, and relaxed your mind.