Types of Women’s Shoes to Consider

Womens shoes are now more than just footwear to wear on special occasions. They can be worn with all types of outfits and can make the whole outfit complete. Today, a wide range of womens shoes is available in various colours, styles and designs.

Wellies are one of the oldest styles of shoes and were first worn in Norway. They are popular due to their comfort and ease of walking. Wellies were first popularized by the Scandinavians, who ensured that the material used was comfortable to the feet. Today, wellies are still popular among many women and are even considered the perfect footwear for casual wear and special occasions. For special occasions, there is a wide range of styles, designs and sizes to choose from.

womens-shoesGladiator sandals or gladiator shoes are other forms of shoes that are often worn on special occasions. The most common and versatile type of sandal is the black or white gladiator sandal that comes up to the knee. There is also a range of gladiator sandals with platforms that provide comfort and ease while walking. These styles are ideal for casual and party wear since the shoe is usually bigger.

When it comes to womens shoes, several types of designer dress shoes are suitable for casual occasions and special events. Dress shoes have been designed with different heel heights and different toe designs to make them ideal for all occasions. Common dress shoe styles include wedge sandals, platform heels, strappy heeled sandals and more. Platform heels are ideal for wearing skirts, dresses and shorts. They add to the beauty of the outfit by highlighting the shape of the body.

Satin shoes are another type of shoe that is very popular these days. Womens satin shoes are great when it comes to creating a feminine look. A satin dress shoe would look even more stunning on a formal night out. Satin comes in a variety of eye-catching colours and shades to suit all types of outfits. Some of the satin shoes in this fashion are also available in high-heels, perfect for when one wants to show off their stunning ankle boots. Ankle boots are a must-have when it comes to wearing a pair of high-heels.

There are many casual shoe styles available as well, which can be worn for both work and pleasure. When working in an office, most women prefer to wear office shoes, whereas attending work meetings tend to wear casual shoes. Casual shoes are generally flexible and have comfortable toes. They are also easy to walk in and are very convenient when travelling in.

Formal occasions and weddings are times when court shoes and fancy high heels are not appropriate. For special occasions like weddings, going for high heels or court shoes is not a good idea. Instead of these very traditional styles, you should consider wearing glamorous party dresses and flats, as well as some glamorous high-heeled boots. You can also go for strappy sandals if you do not want to wear heels or pumps. A nice pair of boots will complement any outfit and give you the confidence that you are looking your best.

Womens shoes with boots also make for an attractive wardrobe choice. Womens ankle boots are ideal for wearing a skirt in the summer season. They can be worn with some outfits and can be worn with flats, or even some sexy high-heeled boots, to match your evening outfit. Chelsea boots or knee-high Chelsea boots look stunning with a tailored jacket and skinny jeans, while a pair of ankle boots will make you look gorgeous with a skirt and jumper.