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How to Make Your Lightsaber

The lightsaber is a weapon used by Jedi, the powerful and mystical people of the Star Wars universe. It is an elegant weapon that can cut through enemy and blast door panels. The Force can even be used to deflect or reflect incoming blaster bolts. Here are some tips to make your lightsaber. First, read on to learn more about it! Then, here is an introduction to the basics of using one. So, what’s the best way to use a lightsaber?


lightsaberThe lightsaber of Ky Narec is a fictional force weapon from the Star Wars franchise. It was first introduced in the “Nightsisters” episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2011) and the comic book Star Wars Republic 60: Hate and Fear (2004). While it has a generic clan saber design in the movies, it retains the original look from the comic book. There are two versions of Ky’s lightsaber: the original design from Star Wars and the TCW.

Asajj Ventress wielded identical red lightsabers that could be combined to make a double-bladed sword. Unfortunately, the lightsabers were stolen by Darth Sidious, but one of Ventress’s pieces survived. It was sold by Dok Ondar in the comics and still retains the ability to connect with the other half. It is made of salvaged material and can be obtained second-hand from online stores.

Kyber crystals

The cyber crystal is one of the most important components of a lightsaber. While the Force can be felt through the blade, it also controls the colour of the lightsaber. In Star Wars: Legends, the black kyber crystal can be seen in only one out of every one hundred red ones. However, black cyber crystals are also available, but they can be more expensive. There are different types of cyber crystals, each with a distinct colour and voice.

While cyber crystals are rare, there are several planets with significant deposits. These crystals are not easily attainable, as they are unstable and have a high tendency to explode violently. Still, it is worth mentioning that cyber crystals are a lightsaber’s main component; without them, a lightsaber would not be able to focus its energy.


You might be interested in learning how to build a polycarbonate lightsaber, but the truth is that there are many ways to do so. While the real thing is much more expensive than a light-up polycarbonate lightsaber, these replicas are quite durable. They are also very similar to George Lucas’s version in the Star Wars films. So here is a quick guide for those unsure of the difference.

To get a good idea of the difference between the two, consider the differences in each length. The blade length depends on the size of the Jedi. For example, a 24-inch green Jedi would have a shorter blade than a 20-inch Jedi. Polycarbonate blades are generally a little longer than the Nylon equivalent for a more stable light-weight lightsaber. However, this difference in length does not affect their impact strength.

Force-imbued crystals

The Force-imbued crystals in lightsabers are not only aesthetically beautiful but also highly effective weapons. These crystals are the main energy source in a lightsaber, and the blades used to imbue these weapons with this force energy are usually called katanas. The katanas were often made of metal and were used by apprentices of Dooku to enhance the performance of their weapons.

Lightsabers were invented during the Kanz Disorders when enslaved Lorrdians were forced to use kinetic communication. They imbued certain stones with Force-sensitive abilities, increasing their defences and deflecting power. Originally, these crystals were called Luxum and were formed from the minerals found in Lake Nath. They were also formed during deep meditation, which is why they are often called the Jedi Guardian’s lightsaber crystal.

Power cells

A lightsaber’s power cells are vital for its operation. The datum power cell is the main energy source. The hilt is surrounded by a power vortex ring and a power field conductor, which direct energy into a crystal energy chamber. A spark from the saber is then directed toward the focusing crystal and through the aperture to form a shimmering blade. The lightsaber’s recharging port is attached directly to the diatom cell.

While real-life battery technology improves, handheld batteries are still a way off diatium power cells. Crystals, as we know, cannot ‘direct’ plasma. They also cannot control the shape of plasma. Eventually, this could change the shape of the lightsaber, but for now, the GE engineer will have to do without a working lightsaber. The batteries themselves are expected to last for many years.