The Things You Must Look for in Starting Gates

Starting GatesIf you are in the business of horse racing in Australia, one of the things you usually have to deal over and over again is damaged starting gates. Due to the strength of horses, knowing they are beasts, you cannot expect your starting gates to last forever. Even though the last manufacturer you worked with assured you that their product wouldn’t bulge to constant wear and tear, still, here you are looking for another supplier.

Well, like how you purchase all kinds of stuff you need for your horse racing facility, you want to finally find a manufacturer that can give you the best starting gatesregarding durability, resilience, and quality. Fortunately for you, there are many companies out there with an excellent reputation regarding manufacturing products that do not deceive consumers. For instance, opting for starting gates by Steriline Racing means getting something that will guarantee a safe experience not just for the horses, but also their handlers and the jockeys riding them. You probably are already aware that when it comes to choosing the manufacturer for starting gates, safety is the foremost consideration.

Be wary of manufacturers that declare their products to be the industry’s best without showing proof that they underwent rigorous and independent testing. Although aesthetics, durability, and resilience are essential attributes, safety remains as the top priority since the last thing you need is to see your horses or the jockeys and handlers getting hurt right even before the start of the race.

Accordingly, safety means focusing on the following:

  • Reducing the number of injuries happening in the starting stall
  • Minimising the severity of starting stall injuries
  • Less scratching at the barriers
  • Keeping horses calm with the help of a quiet starting gate

Safety also means you must look for starting gates equipped with premium quality padding. Preferably, the padding on your starting gates by Steriline Racingmust be on each division panel within the stalls, above the entry as well as exit to each stall, bottom of each back gate for protection against the tendency of horses to kick out, and below each front gate for preventing horses from exiting under the starting gate.

Moreover, it is as equally important that the stalls of your starting gates come equipped with an independent hand release intended for opening the front gates in case of an emergency. The back gates must incorporate an emergency release design, the purpose of which is for convenient opening even with the heavy weight of the horse.

Bear in mind that the starting gates you choose will make or break the success of your business. Some people do not give them that much credit, but if you pick cheap and low quality starting gates, you could end up losing your business.