3 Tips to Building Strong Retaining Walls Adelaide That Will Last a Lifetime

Well-built retaining walls Adelaide has many qualities. But two classes that would define its purpose is durability and longevity. A retaining wall that’s strong and long-lasting is more enticing than a beautiful and attractive one that won’t even last a decade. So, what do you do to make your retaining wall strong and sturdy? What are the components that you need to add to make it last the ages? Enumerated below are some of these factors and elements that your retaining walls need to have to make sure that it will stand the test of time:




The broader and higher your retaining wall, the more complex the planning and construction will be. That is why you should consider hiring a professional retaining wall builder to help you if your wall is going to be higher than three feet. You also need to consider the type of soil you have and the adjustments that you need to make when you’re accommodating a retaining wall. Also, consider the climate you’re living in. If you’re experiencing constant rain, then you need your retaining walls to be extra sturdy as it will tend to go through a lot of pressure while holding off the sagging soil.





If you’re considering to build a retaining wall on your own, do some research first about local building codes before you start digging. You may be required to get building permits and other relevant documentation for any structure that’s over a yard tall, including some important utility lines that can be running right through your building site. Make sure to get your retaining wall plans approved.




Depending on the retaining wall you’re planning to build, several retaining wall material options are available to you and your property. So, consider the situation of your location, as well as the status of your grounds and every other relevant consideration before determining which type of material you’re going to use for your retaining wall. Here are some of the most common types of retaining wall materials that you can choose from:


  • Pressure-treated timber
  • Interlocking concrete blocks
  • Stone, brick, or cinder block
  • Concrete


For more information on each of these materials, refer to our guide posted on our blog page.


By following these three tips, you can build the best retaining walls Adelaide. Hire our team of retaining wall builders and have them help you build your retaining wall now! Hop over to our website or call our hotline to book an appointment.