What Are the Mistakes You Must Avoid When Buying Shoes for your Kids?

Having a good pair of shoes is everyone’s right, including your kids. Apart from effectively protecting your feet from the harsh elements outdoors, getting a shoe with the right fit and style also prevents you from tripping and falling over. However, did you know that it is best for kids to walk on barefoot as much as possible while they are still learning the skill of walking? Both bones and muscles in your toddler’s feet are still developing, and it will only become fully mature once they reach the late teenage stage. No doubt, you are encouraging the natural development of their feet by letting them walk barefoot.



Moreover, you will surely need to invest in a pair of shoes once your child already can walk outdoors. Countless selections are available in the market with shoes coming in a wide variety of sizes and patterns. When choosing Girl Shoes for young ones, most parents make some mistakes, which include:


  1. Shopping for shoes that are too big.


Toddlers tend to outgrow their footwear quickly. In order to save cost and avoid making many trips to the shop, many parents are tempted to purchase shoes that are either one or two sizes too big. However, the risk of tripping and falling will surely significantly increase, as wearing way bigger footwear can cause your child’s foot to move around in the shoe and the heel to come off.


Also, have a professional accurately measure your child’s feet and recommend appropriate footwear to ensure you get the right one. So always consider bringing your child to a shop that specialises in children’s footwear, especially if you aren’t sure of what to do. Keep in mind the general rule that from the end of the shoe to the longest toe, there should be 1-inch space to allow toes to move.



  1. Purchasing Shoes That Are Way to Narrow


Apart from ingrown toenails, wearing shoes that are way too narrow may also cause blisters at the sides of the feet. Not only that but constant squishing of the toes may also result in the formation of bunions. That’s why always make sure that the shoe, most notably at the toe box is as wide as your child’s foot when you go shopping for their footwear.


  1. Choosing the wrong material.


Keep in mind to avoid buying boy and Girl Shoes made of either rubber or plastic materials that can trap moisture in the shoe because compared to adults, children perspire more through their feet. If you wish your child not to acquire any skin fungal inspection along with smelly feet, always remember to avoid those earlier mentioned and instead look for shoes made from breathable materials like leather or mesh. No doubt, their feet will stay cool and dry as these materials allow air circulation within the shoe.