Has Your Baby Visited a Chiropractor Yet?

Experts say that the earlier you start chiropractic treatment, the better for you. When babies are born, passing through the birth canal can be a traumatic event for the child’s body. Doctors can add to it by pulling and pushing to get the baby fully out into the world. With all these activities, it is very easy for the spine of other bones to slip slightly out of alignment.

This brand new little spine, aligned or not, is what the baby will have to grow from. Our nerves and the spine it is housed in are our lifelines to our brains. It is responsible for every organ and system, every conscious and automatic action. When the backbone and the nerves are in alignment, it all works perfectly. However, putting a twist in the lines slows or even stops electrical impulses leading to problems. Sometimes, a small baby who constantly cries or fusses isn’t just a fussy baby; they are legitimately uncomfortable due to the misalignments.

Babies can be adjusted as early as when they are born. Although it is a good idea for all newborn babies to be treated, here are some symptoms you may see which are signs that your baby could benefit from chiropractic adjustments:

Dental health – Future dental work can be avoided by going to a baby chiropractor Adelaide. They can easily adjust the roof and palate of the mouth which allows teeth to take their best shot at coming in straight.

Arching back – Newborn babies’ natural shape is an adaptable, flexible body position which allows them to hold tight to their mother. If your baby seems stiff, it may be a sign of pain or tension, and you need to visit a baby chiropractor.

Trouble breastfeeding – If your newborn baby is having trouble latching on comfortably, or is tilting their head to one side, then a chiropractic adjustment can help increase the range of motion.

Tilted head – If your new baby has a tilt to their head or rotation, this can indicate restricted neck movement. This can as well contribute to flat spots on the head. With these signs, seeing a baby chiropractor Adelaide should help unlock a full range of motion.

Colic – Although there is no known, accepted medical cause, an adjustment will help to make them feel good overall, ease the body’s tension, and soothe the baby to stop crying.

Sick stomach, diarrhoea, and constipation – This is a result of possible ileocecal valve disorders that need to be adjusted. When this part of the body is open, these are the symptoms it will cause. The baby needs to be treated to resolve the issue.