Top Women’s Shoes for the Spring Season

Spring is a great time to dress up and take strolls in the park or at the mall. It is the perfect season for travelling around town and meeting up with friends outdoors. Find out more about Spendless NZ Women’s Shoes that you can mix and match with your spring outfits!


  1. Sneakers


Colourful sneakers are a huge trend today. You can choose from different designs and various fabrics. Sneakers are best paired with jeans or short pants. You can also pair your shoes with a sundress for a casual look.


  1. Loafers


Loafers are some of the trendiest shoes that remain timeless even as new generations come and go. You will find the best loafers from Spendless NZ Women’s Shoes stores that offer instalment payments. These shoes can be matched with dresses, pants, baggy jeans, and just about any outfit for spring!


  1. Flats


Instead of wearing your heeled shoes, why not go for flats? Since you’ll be out and about in spring, you need functional but trendy shoes that will last the entire day without bruising your feet.


For example, you can opt for Espadrilles if you’re going shopping with friends. On the other hand, Brogues may be best suited for restaurant or café meet-ups with the gang. If you’re going on a date, Oxfords are an excellent choice, mainly if your itinerary includes some strolls or sight-seeing.


  1. Sandals


Gladiator sandals are the most popular types of shoes during spring. Many providers offer flats or semi-heeled sandals that will match well with your spring dresses. You can also add a sling bag or shoulder bag for the day’s outfit if you opt for Gladiators.


  1. Boots


Flat boots are fantastic options during a windy spring day. Get your coat ready and probably a scarf to go with your outfit. If you won’t be out for long, you can opt for ankle boots or Army boots, depending on how long you’ll be out of the house.


Proper shoe care is crucial in ensuring that you can still wear your shoes for the coming years. If they get wet or damp, make sure to air dry your shoes. Don’t toss them in the dryer or use a hairdryer. Wipe off dust and dirt regularly to prevent grime build-up.


Women’s shoes will always be a trend in the fashion world. It’s almost impossible to come to a point where the masses will go barefoot. Shop for a spring shoe today! Fill up your closet and enjoy your collection. Life is too short, so buy your dream shoes before you get too old to wear them.