Some Helpful Resources About Palm Tree Cleaning Perth

Nothing says beauty and elegance like palm trees dotting in your landscape. In the coastal area of Perth, you can find different kinds of palm trees that will add an aesthetic boost to your property. Apart from that, your palm tree can also provide other functional perks that you and your home will surely benefit. However, to maintain the convenience and beauty that palm trees offer, you’ll need to know how to maintain them. Palm tree cleaning Perth will help make sure that your palm tree is always in perfect condition. We have some helpful resources here that can provide some insight to you on how you can clean your palm tree the right way.



Brown skirt of dried, dead palm fronds is a staple feature of any palm tree. However, too much can lead to damages which can harm the health of your palm tree. It’s also pretty unattractive if your palm accumulates too much dread fronds all over its trunk. That’s why you should learn how to prune your palm tree and make sure it’s in excellent condition. We recommend that you prune your tree during spring for a fresher, greener look. However, do not prune young fronds as they provide nutrients and vitamins to the entire plant. Here are other tips and helpful resources that you need to know about palm tree cleaning:


  • Pruning by hand is only viable for smaller fronds. You will need a sharp pruning knife or saw for the bigger ones. However, before you start pruning, treat your tools with hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. Do this in between pruning different palms to prevent the spread of diseases to multiple palm trees.
  • Avoid trimming too close to the tree when removing a frond. Leave the remaining leaf base untouched. If you try to strip it off, the trunk will scar and could become an entry point for insects or plant disease.
  • Only prune as much of the old fronds as having been replaced by new ones in one year. Most palm trees produce a set number of fronds based on its size and age.
  • Never trim your palm fronds during the summer. Brown fronds protect the trunk from potential sunburn.

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