What Building and Pest Inspections Experts Check

Investing in a new property for your family to live in is no small matter. This does not only refer to the financial aspect of this whole matter, but there are other important elements that you need to consider as well.

When you and your family want to move to a house that has been already pre-owned, there are a lot of things you need to thoroughly check or inspect in this property first before actually proceeding with the move. This particular task can be quite difficult for a regular person to handle on his or her own. And even if you feel confident about doing such a property inspection on your own, or you think that you can trust the statements of the owner or the real estate agent who is helping you out. You need to remember that you and other inexperienced persons may not have the keen eye and the relevant experience required to ultimately say and conclude that your new home is 100% safe to live in.

And this is where the importance of regular building or property inspections comes in. As a purchaser or investor, you need to make sure that the property you will be getting is completely safe and conducive for living, for everyone in the family.

When you request to have a building and pest inspection Adelaide done on a property, below are the particular areas that the specialists will look into:


The roof

Property inspectors will inspect the infrastructure’s roof carefully. They will look for loose shingles or tiles and check if there are any cracks as well on the roof. The presence of any gutter debris will also be noted, and all drains will be tested as well.


The structural components, inside and outside the property

Walls inside and outside the infrastructure will be checked for cracks, leakages, and even molds. The flooring will also be inspected for any signs of cracks and other damages. Inspectors will turn a property upside down to check for any signs of damages or anything that needs repairs. They can also check for the presence of any pests in the property.

The electrical components

Building inspectors are also trained to check the property’s electrical wiring and other components, to see that they are all still safe to use. They will check all the conductors, grounding equipment, and distribution panels and test them if they are operating efficiently.

The insulation and ventilation elements of the property.

The attic crawl space insulation and vapor retarders are also checked. Ventilator fans and under-floor insulation, those that can be accessed and looked into, will also be checked.

To be sure of a thorough inspection you need to check out the best inspectors to perform the building and pest inspection Adelaide. Only with a good inspection report can you be able to judge the real state of the building/home.