Things You Need To Know before You Get a Wedding Florist SA

The demands of a wedding florist are highly increasing today as the flower industry is growing at a very rapid pace. Today, the wedding florists run their exclusive companies that provide you with all your needs, starting from simple to a stylish wedding.

The world is full of creative wedding florists, and so it becomes easier for you to find one. What is more essential is that you trust your wedding florist and make them understand your plans and ideas for the wedding and how you want the arrangements and the decorations to be done. They would help you decide what flowers would suit best with your theme of the wedding as they are the experts and professionals in their fields. By having an exchange of ideas with them, you can turn your dreams into reality for your special day.

The actual work of a wedding florist is to make the wedding flowers look like an extension of your personality. They are passionate about flowers and it is always reflected in the way they design, arrange and decorate the flowers for your occasion. Here are some important questions to your wedding florist before you decide on whom to give the contract to:

  1. Will you place and decorate the flowers in the event according to my requirements?

You would not want your wedding event to turn into a surprise for you! Never hesitate to give in your ideas and what you require to be done. Always know what the plan of the florists is beforehand. It is your event; you need to be aware of what and how the decorations will be done.

  1. Will you take away and unpack the decorations after the wedding?

This is vital to note, as some wedding florists may charge extra for this. You have to know what the policies of the venue about the cleanup are. The florists will not pick up any other renting containers or other decorative pieces.

  1. Do you limit your number of weddings that you get on a weekend?

The ideal answer to this question should be yes. The florist should not have more than two weddings at the maximum per weekend. It also depends if the wedding is a large scale one or a small scale one. You should be sure that he can devote sufficient time to your wedding.


  1. When will the flowers come? What about their transportation?

Flowers should always be delivered at the last moment. They should be transported not before half an hour when the photography is scheduled to begin. The best florists use a refrigerated vehicle for the transportation so that the flowers arrive fresh at the venue.

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