Things to Know before Building a Granny Flat

Granny flats are a common addition to any property particularly if you want extra room around the home, like somewhere for your kids or folks to live, or an easy investment property. In general, a granny flat is a self-contained home extension built on the same plot of land that the main house is and can share the backyard or you can fence a section off in your yard. If you are contemplating adding this small home on your property, it is wise to do good research to avoid common pitfalls. If you have decided to add a granny flat, then there are three main things you need to know before going on with the project.

Can I put one in my backyard?

This is a common question to those who want to build a granny flat and not much information is available to help you understand what is involved. First, you should check to see that you have enough space for the project. Make sure the space available is enough for the project. Measure up the area you intend to build on, draw a rough sketch, measure from the boundaries and mark this down. Although this seems like a difficult process, it will make it easier for you when choosing the granny flat design. Also, keep in mind that building councils have set out some regulations when it comes to building a granny flat.

Council regulations

Just like any other structure out there, some regulations govern the building of granny flats. Different councils have different rules in various states. It will be wise if you visit your local government agency and find out which regulations govern your area. The building department is more about the structure, and the positioning of the actual flat is why a building permit is required. The planning department Adelaide is more about overlays and will issue a planning permit when required. As building permits are a requirement for granny flats, you should ensure that you get one before you start the project.

Choosing a granny flat builder

Even before it comes to the actual building, a builder will help you in getting a building permit for your granny flat. Most people do not understand the process of getting a permit and so hiring a builder will be good. Now after getting the permit, it is time to start building your granny flat. One thing that is clear is that a granny flat is just like constructing another small home and so it should not be a DIY project. Hiring the right granny flat builder will ensure the success of the project. You can do your research online or talk to a friend to find a reputable granny flat builder.

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