If You’re Buying a Swimming Pool Pump, You Ought to Consider These Things First

It is best to do your homework before you start shopping when considering buying a pool pump. When it comes to purchasing the most efficient pump for your pool or spa, there are many factors that you will need to know first. Energy rating, size, noise and functionality are only some of the factors to name a few. But surely, after reading this article, you will become a pool pump pro.


Generally, a small pump won’t run effectively to your spa or pool as the smallest pump size with the lowest wattage is not the best and it will only risk damage and an unclean pool. Admittedly, it will cost you more to run every year although you might be able to save $50 now. No doubt after reading some review Onga pool pumps online; you will come to realise how disappointed and how much those people who bought the smallest pumps regret in making that decision.



Today, to help you get the appropriate pump for your pool or spa, we listed some essential factors you need to consider when choosing one.


  1. Volume


The time it takes to move all the water in your pool or water turnover is a factor that you must consider. It means that the size of your pool is a critical measurement you must get right as it is one of the vital aspects that will help you to determine the right pump. The size of the pump you will buy must significantly match to the size of your pool. Thus, before you speak to a professional for an accurate measurement, we suggest you know first it’s surface area and the length, width and depth dimensions to the nearest metre.



  1. Pool Plumbing


It is imperative that you know precisely the entire layout of your pool plumbing, distances and other installed devices beforehand before you choose a pump. This case might need a conversation between you and the original installer for you not to encounter any headaches or issues down the track. It is worth knowing that most of the efficient pool plumbing systems naturally have pipes with a large diameter and minimal bends. Since pumps use most energy to move water around the corners of the pool effectively, bent angles are beneficial most especially if they are wide.


  1. Noise


The output noise of your swimming pool pump is another thing that you must not forget to consider. It is imperative that you buy a pool pump that is exceptionally quiet during the entire duration of use so that you can still significantly use it even on off-peak hours without being an annoyance to neighbours and kids while they are relaxing or sleeping. However, the best way for you to figure out the right option in the market is through reading some review Onga pool pumps over the web.