The Benefits of A Mist Cooling System

When we talk about misting fans, we commonly associate it to ranches and farms. However, in the current iteration of these useful cooling systems, you can now use them in your house as well. In this article, we’re going to talk about the benefits of a mist cooling system by

We Aussies love spending time outside. It’s one of our go-to past times, especially during the summer. Spending time with family and friends on our backyard and having a barbie, talking about cricket or playing backyard soccer is the ultimate definition of outdoor fun. However, there are times where the sun’s heat becomes unbearable. The extreme heat of the sun can kill the enthusiasm of spending time outside. That’s when a misting system becomes the best source of convenience and relief.

How Does A Misting System Work?

A misting fan works by spraying mists of water in the form of ultra-small and fine droplets. This spraying of water causes evaporation, which absorbs the warm temperatures and in turn, produces cool and fresh air. That makes misting systems ideal for outdoor areas such as your porches, verandahs, and patios. It’s also great for various decks and your swimming pool area.

To explain further, let’s get scientific and crunch the numbers down. So, for every pound of water that’s evaporated into the air, about 1,100 Btu of heat is eliminated out of the air. Once the heat has been removed, the air temperatures will reduce, thus becomes more cooling and more refreshing. A misting fan will cool the air by up to 25 degrees Celsius.

Here’s a short rundown of the benefits of using a mist cooling system from

  1. Effective Heat Reduction – as what was just mentioned, a misting fan system can cool the air by up to 25 degrees. If you invest in two, then it will improve to 50 degrees.
  2. Natural Dust and Insect Repellant – The giant fans and great rotation of a misting fan can clean dust mites, smoke, and pollen from the air. That means a mist cooling system provides you with clean, fresh air whenever you use it.

Invest In Mist Cooling Systems Today

Nothing beats naturally fresh, outdoor air. But if you want excellent outdoor cooling during a hot day, then you better start investing in a mist cooling system. sells the best quality misting fans in the country. Visit their website now and check out their amazing fans.