Importance of a Building Inspection Report

You cannot overlook the need for building inspections when buying or selling a home. It is only after a professional inspection that you get a competent home inspection report. What is an inspection report? After you hire a reputable Building Inspection Company, they will visit the building location and do the various test based on your requirements.

For example, the inspectors will be looking for the foundation, roof, wiring system, pest infestation and sometimes the outdoors. After doing an inspection, they will write an easy to read report containing their findings. This what is called a building inspection report! The report is confidential and will be handed into the interested party so that they can make a decision.

If a seller or a real estate company have ordered an inspection, the report provided by the inspector will help them make some important decisions. For example, if some problems are detected, the seller can decide to do the repairs first before putting the house on sale. Also, the seller can choose to let the buyer know the problems and then reduce the buying price so that the buyer can handle the repairs. The report also gives the seller confidence that the property is in a top condition and so he can ask for a high value being confident that even if a buyer hires a different inspector, few or no flaws will be found as far as the structural integrity of the house is concerned. This way, the seller can fetch a good amount.

When it comes to the buyer, it looks like he/she benefits the most. We have all heard the horror stories of individuals who purchased a home without an inspection only to end up with a ‘rotten’ home that cost them a fortune to repair. You need not be a victim of this. With an inspection report, you can quickly know the existing problems in the home.

From that, you can decide to request repairs be done by the seller, or you negotiate a lower price so that you can take care of the repairs. Sometimes, the problems might be extreme, and in such a case, you can terminate the deal and find another house on sale.

As a buyer, inspections are not only important when buying a preoccupied home but also for the new homes. Builders might decide to use cheap building materials or build hurriedly to meet the demand. In the process, they end up building poor quality homes and only qualified building inspectors Adelaide can detect that. You just have to hire a reputable home inspector to do an inspection and provide a competent report from which you can make a final decision and make a worthy investment. Good Luck!!